About Us

We are Paul and Julie Stephens.

Together we are a husband and wife team creating our life long dream of owning and running our own little deli.

We opened the doors in March 2019 after many years having dreamt about creating The Cookhouse Deli. In fact, for as long as we can remember in our 15 years together we've been dreaming about this the very moment of running our own deli.

Paul's parents used to run a deli in Pangbourne, so in our early days we use to offer a helping hand where we could, which perhaps helping is pushing it. Those days, often turned into days of Julie trying and tasting everything that was available within the four walls. Wonderful cheeses, scrumptious bread and melt in your mouth ice cream. In fact that was when the dream started.

Paul has a big love for music, ales, festivals, The Beatles and more music. Paul is now the full-time face of The Cookhouse Deli.

Julie's loves are cheese, wine and anything which means sitting chatting and delving into sharing plates of wonderful treats. Julie works as a marketing manager in the IT industry and loves it.

Together we love spending time with our daughter and finding delicious goods to hopefully serve to you when you visit us very soon!